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Aswagii Medicine Dolls

Sacred dolls are medicine for your soul, providing a tangible and kinesthetic experience.

The dolls are lovingly needle felted by me and may be filled with crystals and herbs

In sacred space I intuitively attune your doll to your vibration and activate it with healing energy to provide what it is you need at this time on your souls journey.

Contact me to have your own sacred soul medicine doll made for you.

Mothering Me

A sacred womb medicine doll for nurturing your womb and breast wounds

Inner child cave

These adorable caves represent a sacred space for you to retreat to when you're needing some time out and nurturing or your inner child needs healing.

They're also great for young children to learn about self care and they're able to place themselves (represented by a small doll) inside the cave when they need time out or space just for them.

Or as a memorial for a lost child, or on your altar.


Some past dolls

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