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Women Reclaiming Power Through Drumming.

In the last 2 years there has been a huge disconnection of self and community. Drumming is a way to reconnect us to our lost or stolen power.

The drumbeat is the heartbeat we first hear in our mothers womb so it also reconnects us to our ancestral lineage because the drum has been used since the beginning of recorded time in shamanic practice and ritual as a tool to access higher consciousness, our inner wisdom and other realms.

Drums invoke universal unity, equality, love, peace, truth and freedom

Throughout history women's power has been consistently taken from them, drumming reconnects us to the power of our heart and womb, as well as mother earth.

When we drum we remember who we are, we reclaim our power and that power reverberates out into the collective consciousness to create positive change.

Reconnect to your power

When you drum in circle you invoke universal unity, equality, love, peace, truth and freedom.

Do you feel the call? I welcome you to join our Sacred Women's Sisterhood.

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