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Aswagii Shamanic Massage

Covered in a sarong and using subtle metamorphic movements to gently activate your own innate healing ability to relax and soothe your energy. 



Aswagii Priestess Massage

Spoil yourself with this deeply nurturing salt scrub and coconut oil massage ritual to cleanse and release what no longer serves you, ending with a rebirthing ritual.


Sacred Woman Wellness to Nurture your divine feminine essence

Aswagii Soul Awakening

A relaxing and unique face, heart and soul massage using crystal infused chakra essences to rebalance, realign and nurture your sacredness.



Aswagii Reiki

Your troubles will float away on the vibrations of this relaxing energy healing that combines crystals, sound and vibration to harmonize and release stuck energy.


Image by Ale Romo


Hawaiian lomi lomi

Relaxation and therapeutic

Hot stone



Ear candling $50-

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