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Pathway Details



Feel free to Contact me for further details 

1 on 1 or Group sessions welcome


Spiral pathway

Spiral Goddess Circle

Meditation, Sound Healing and Ritual.

Sacred Warrior Goddess Circle

Meditation, Sound Healing and Ritual.

Drumming Circles

Meditation, Group Drumming & Song.

Creative Pathway

Womb drum bEARTHing

In sacred space create your own womb drum for healing

Poppet Crafting

In sacred space we create and decorate a crystal filled spiral goddess and fill it with our healing intent

Sacred Heart Crafting

In sacred space we create an intention and a crystal filled womb heart for healing.

Ritual Pathway

Conception Ritual

A beautiful ritual for those wanting to concieve.

Maiden Ritual

A ritual to celebrate the young maidens first blood

Menopause Ritual

Honour this milestone with a nurturing ritual

Priestessing Death Ritual

A ritual to prepare a pathway to crossing over

Womb Healing Ritual

A ritualistic healing journey to heal womb wounds, trauma and pain

Healing pathway

Inner Child Healing

A transformational healing for the wounded inner child

Benevolent Shadow Healing

Face your shadow side to heal and move on

Healing the Sisterhood Betrayal Wound

A Full day workshop to heal betrayal

Click here for further details

Aswagii Priestess Healing

A shamanic journey through the spiral of life, death and rebirth.

rebEARTHing the Sacred WOMBan Healing

Reclaim the power of your sacred story.

Spiral Goddess Healing

Heal the past to make way for a future of infinte possibilities.

Sacred Source Healing

Communicate with your higher self to activate the wisdom and knowledge of your soul

Activation Pathway

Mary Magdalene Activation

A beautiful ritual to activate the essence of The Magdalene

Sarah the Magdalenes Daughter

A discovering of the healing power of the daughters

Angelic Activation

Through ritual and meditation we activate your connection to the angelic realm

Sekhmet Activation

Through ritual and meditation we activate your connection to the Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet

Learning pathway

Using Scared tools and space clearing

Learn how to use sacred tools for space clearing and more

Elemental connection

Connect to the elements and learn how to use them 

Power animal connection

Discover and connect with your totem animal guide

Distant Healing

Learn how to use the Aswagii serpents of transformation for distant healing 


Aswagii divination is a unique way of foreseeing and foretelling

Clearing entities, curses, cord cutting and soul retrieval

Invaluable tools to learn

Symbols, Signs and Numbers

Discover a new world of using numbers and sacred geometry as healing tools.

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