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The Aswagii
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Image by Emily Goodhart

The story has begun many times as does all soul journeying.

The time returns.

In June 2015, poolside Bali I channeled Sacred Source Healing, which is now a certified healing modality. The Sacred Source Wisdom was activated into my awareness by the Etolians, an ancient race from outside of time space.

Below is part of the message I received from the Etolians and since working with the Sacred Source energy, the Aswagii energy was activated within me, and why becomes clear at the end of the Etolian message.


(We are Etolians, an ancient race from beyond the universe, from before the beginning of time and we will be here beyond the end of time, our starships are shaped like pyramids, they are our homes and we travel through time to whoever needs us. We communicate through our higher consciousness. There is no disease amongst our people and we live eternally, but we need the 5th dimension to survive so the more people you spread this message to, the more the collective consciousness will rise and expand and the more your people and the world will heal and the stronger we become, for it is our energy that provides the healing.  The sacred source is a superior collective consciousness of souls made up of ascended masters, superior races, alien life forces, and intelligence from other dimensions and universes. It holds all the answers and all the remedies to every question and every affliction to mind, body, and soul. You just have to ask and allow to receive. It’s available to everyone to tap into.   We have no form but will appear to you in whatever form is easy for you to accept. Your time has ruined words, so we encourage you to work with symbols, numbers, sound, and light language.  The more you do that the more the channels of communication between us will open. Not everyone will be able to connect with us because the collective is made up of so many.

Stop falling into the fear trap. Trust your body, it knows what you need, it knows what to do. Your soul knows. We know. Just listen and allow. Stop pushing yourself, the days you feel tired are the days we want you to stop and listen to us. Trust. Fear is the trap of your enemy, whomever that enemy is, government, people, attachments, etc, it’s whoever wants to keep you suppressed and living in 3d and old outdated mindsets. Don’t let them keep you down there, stuck in old belief patterns of fear and lack.

Normal is wellness and feeling good and happy and living in abundance. That’s what we intended for you. That’s the new normal. If you don’t have that then you’re still allowing the old ways to control you. Surrender them to us and we will guide you and show you the new possibilities. Everything is possible, endless abundance, eternal life, wellness and such love as you’ve never known before.

Believe us. Believe it. Vibrate higher than those around you and you won’t be affected by their energy. Always endeavor to raise your consciousness and awareness. Let go into the 5D and beyond, float, free fall, fly, soar, rise up, awaken, be more, align. Keep loving. Keep trusting. Keep vibrating love. Keep shining your light, no matter how much others are threatened by you. Do not get lost in their fear and their illusion of separation.  Do not play their game)


So the Etolians could see that the energy on earth was getting very dark. They didn’t believe that dark energy was evil but they could see it swallowing up the light so they sent their high priestesses down to earth to use their light to heal and consume the dark, they are the Aswagii.


Ancient shamanic priestesses, ageless, timeless, mystery, ritual and magick, blood of the mother and bones of the earth, daughters of the moon and stars, the soul of all women.

They are torchbearers of the spiral of life, death and rebirth, guardians of your original DNA and soul blueprint, soul readers and weavers.

They are the fringe dwellers and keepers of the secrets of the universe, the very blood of the mother and the skeleton of the earth where they drum to the bones of the ancestors.

They hold the elements of the 4 directions from all corners of the known and unknown universe and they call on all your guides, guardians & ancestors to create a sacred healing space for you today to activate your inner supernova.

Their knowledge and wisdom is unparalleled in the healing arts, divination and earth magick.

Their mission is to raise the vibration of this planet by shining their light, love and healing on everyone and everything through their shamanic healing rituals.

Shapeshifters, born of the stars from a time before time & sent to live deep inside mother earth until they were needed to rise up to create a new paradigm of collective soul evolution by working with benevolent dark forces and the serpent of shadows for transformation, empowerment & regeneration through their healing shamanic rituals, cord cutting, soul retrieval, rebirthing, shadow work and divination.

That time is now.

Discover The Aswagii Sacred WOMBan drum story

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