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A witchy space for creating sacred pathways of custom rituals, spells & cosmic remedies, craftz, magick & more

Mystical crafts for nurturing, healing, meditation and magick for all ages.



Spiral Goddesses

Spirit dolls

Medicine pouches

Womb healing drums

Inner Child healing caves

Custom spells & Rituals

Cosmic Remedies 

and more

Labyrinths by Rose of Sharon 

Contact us for market details OR for custom orders

Temple of the Inner child

healing our unspoken wounds

Adult or Child - Everyone needs a safe space


These gorgeous OOAK caves have magick woven into them and are the perfect place to heal our inner child wounds.

So when you’re feeling lost, sad, hurt or afraid, place yourself (the doll) inside until you feel better.


They’ve also been used as a shrine for lost children.


Cosmic Remedies

For when you need some magick in your life

 Numbers, sacred geometry and switchwords are the cosmic solution to save the day.


If there's change you're after in a magickal way, look no further and heed what I say, I've got lotions, potions, herbs and crystals, spells and rituals.

At The Magickarium there's a cosmic remedy for every situation so send me a message with your dilemma and let's solve it together.



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