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She is the warrior and the healer rebEARTHing  HERstory in a return to sacredness.


The Spiral Goddess represents the journey a woman travels throughout her life, ever changing and evolving as she learns and grows and moves through each stage of her life.


Follow the spiral and allow the sacredness of the Goddess to flow through you towards your destiny of infinite possibilities.

For those who are ready to remember, let me tell you a story.
In the beginning was Gaia, mother earth, born of the cosmos who birthed the sacred woman from her womb,  from deep inside her being.
She was created with an innate knowing of healing and magick, of insight and foresight and deep sacredness.
She was given the capacity for great love and faith but of course she could not have all these things without having the opposite, for without darkness you don't understand light and without hate you don't understand love and without bad you cant understand good.

Gaia knew there must be balance in all things
But alas as time progressed the masculine, seeing the immense power the sacred feminine held, sought to dominate her and so he changed her stories into history.

The sacred woman does not seek to put herself above the masculine, she wants to show him how to co exist in balance and harmony.

The aswagii have chosen to return to earth at this time to pull back the veil of illusion to help the sacred woman understand herstory,  that she has been here from the beginning and will be here at the end of time.
She is eternal and infinite, authentic and real, for she knows the futility of perfection, rather she continually strives to do better, be better.
Her body is her Temple where she worships, honouring her flesh, her mind and soul.
She is beyond the opinions and judgements of others.
She is her own untamed wild and divine embodiment of the universe, primal, duality, life, birth, death, rebirth, light and dark, beautiful and ugly, healer and hexer, creatrix, destroyer, love and hate, fear and courage, passion and pain, above and below, within and without.
She is the maiden, the mother, the crone, the 3 in 1, the all.
But those are just labels when she is beyond labels.
She's been persecuted, alienated, judged, misunderstood, maligned, and downgraded for millenia.
She's been kept hidden and chained up for too long and she's now ready to stand in her truth, power and glory for all to see.

She is waiting for you to set her free, remember her, recover her and reinstate her.
She is you and me and together we will remember the time when the sacred women were dancing in a circle of sisters under  the full moon, we would sit in sacred circle and share the wisdom of the old ways, singing songs of our lineage, keeping our ancestors alive for each generation to come .
We honored the cycles of our lives and the seasons.
We were the healers, the teachers, the weavers, seers and seekers, the wise women, the midwives, protectors of all things feminine and sacred, guardians of secrets and sacred rituals.
We were honoured and respected by the sacred masculine who valued our wisdom and knowledge.
We held the balance.

We are the ones we've been waiting for, we are the ones they've been waiting for.
Well guide you home to yourself.
We are the blood of the mother, the bones of the earth and to our sacredness we will give birth.


​The Spiral Goddess guides us through the mists of forgotten times to remember who we are. 

This is to remember that we are the only beings capable of creating new life, so put aside technology, because that is part of hiStory not herStory.
We are the lifegivers, the nurturers, we are the only ones who know the heartbeat of the womb and this takes us back to a time before time when that was our truth, back to our first ancestors who knew nothing of ivf or incubators or medicine.

The Sacred woman was the medicine, drums and ritual were the medicine, singing, love and joy were medicine.

We are the sacred woman, the medicine for birthing a new earth.

As we say and think it, it is so.
Louise, Sacred woman, Aswagii Priestess


Personalised rituals created to support you in honouring 

all of lifes special occasions.

From sacred rituals to assist conception, to honouring birth and death and everything in between.

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