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We drum to remember who we are and where we came from.

We drum to reconnect to our ancestral wisdom of wise women.

We drum to reconnect with our womb wisdom.


There is an inexplicable deep magick and yearning that can be felt in Sacred drumming, it takes you on a journey of self reflection and transformation and that vibration ripples out into the collective with promises of positive change, growth, peace, harmony, unity, love, freedom and joy.

Drums have been used since before the beginning of recorded time in shamanic practices and ritual as a tool to access higher consciousness, our inner wisdom and other realms.

Aswagii Priestess Womb Drum

HERstory is your story

Through the womb drum we find our way through the mists of forgotten

times and remember who we are.

We drum to remember our story is HERstory and that we are the sacred medicine for bEARTHing a new earth.

To play the drum we nestle it between our legs, against our yoni to heal our womb wounds, which in turn heal the 7 generations before us and 7 generations yet to come.

We remember that we are part of a sacred primordial DNA memory and deep connection to our ancestors, our matriarchal priestess lineage, to the womb and heart beat of the mother, of Gaia, to all that was, is and ever will be.

Your womb drum is made from clay for the base, animal hide for the skin and kangaroo to bind it all together, we honour them for their sacrifice and finished off with OOAK adornments, including representations of the elements.

Postage only available within Australia.

Contact me if you'd like to purchase a womb drum or to organise a ritual workshop to create your own.

Traditional Drums

When the Drummers were women

"Because drumming was recognised as an ancient source and symbol of the power of female technicians of the sacred, drumming was banned.
Henceforth divinity was to be exclusively masculine.
The suppression of women was directly linked to the suppression of the Goddess"

Layne Redmond
When the drummers were women

"You may not remember, but let me tell you this, someone in some future time will think of us"

Sappho, 7th century B.C , poet, composer, musician, teacher, Priestess of Aphrodite

Women are ordered not to speak in church, not even softly, nor may they sing or take part in the responses, but they should only be silent and pray to God.

Didascalia of the three hundred eighteen fathers. Circa A,D375

Christians are not allowed to teach their daughters singing, the playing of instruments or similar things because according to their religion, it is neither good or becoming.

Commandments of the fathers, superiors and masters. Circa A.D 576

"At the end, as at the beginning, stands the archetypal power of the divine feminine - The Goddess. She is our future as she was our past. With her drum in hand, playing her sacramental rhythms, women can once again take their place in the world as technicians of the sacred. In the pulse of my drum, in the beat of my heart, I erect an altar to her forever"

Layne Redmond
When the drummers were women

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