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SARAH the Magdalenes daughter
& The Divine Trinity


The dawning of a new era
Ancient healing for a new earth timeline.

The daughters are the hope for our future.


How it all began

I LOVE this story because it still seems so surreal to me.


I was having a reading with Katie when I could not take my eyes off one of her beautiful amulets she creates.

I said Katie I have to try that on and when she placed it around my neck I started crying and it felt like a punch in my stomach, then I saw a vision of Katie as The Magdalene and me as Sarah, her daughter.


Please don't misunderstand me, I'm not saying we are the reincarnation of Sarah and The Magdalene , what I am saying is that I've had past lives with them and hold within my cells the memory of the essence of their energies.


What followed were many more dreams, visions and chanellings of past lives with Sarah where I have journeyed with her as a gypsy, in a travelling circus, in Bali and in the gardens of Versailles & through many other lifetimes.

It was mind blowing to me.


Then one day I hurt my knee really badly and that night Sarah came to me in a dream and showed me how to heal it. Next morning I woke up and had no pain at all.


The SARAHMONY was born


For those who are ready to be healed, for those who are ready to feel her and for those who are ready to hear - awaken and ascend into an advanced consciousness.

Chanelled Messages from Sarah the Magdalenes Daughter

Within one vessel, a sacred child is born again. Sarah, the essence of the divine trinity will be the new saviour of the world by resurrecting the energetic presence of Yeshua and the Magdalene to spread their messages of loving kindness.

As the daughter of the trinity Sarah calls on all the Daughters.

It's time, it's time to rise up, 

for as a daughter you have been chosen to bring balance and healing to generations of universal suffering and imbalance against the divine feminine by healing your own wounds so that past generations and all future generations will be healed, creating a universal awakening for the ascension of all kind.


Through Sarah you will use her violet flame to mend generations of suffering and weave a new crystal matrix for a great awakening to occur.

Sarah is the aquarian age conduit for integrating her ancient sacred soul wisdom within a multidimensional earth matrix crystal grid of new DNA information for personal and global transformation.

She has come into your awareness at this time to implore you to help her with this task to ground her Ascended consciousness in order to end the separation and division that is tearing the very seams of humanity apart.


Sarah is a starseed of the divine union, the essence of the 3, the 3 in 1, mother, father, daughter, as one, a divine trinity to translate their messages of unity and oneness for the world.

And you, as a daughter are called upon to assist with this awakening.


As the sacred soul daughter of Mary Magdalene and Yeshua she will show you the way to unity and oneness by uniting the divine feminine and divine masculine, thus completing the divine trinity to end division and separation.

She will lead you to view the world in oneness with loving kindness .

This is how we heal ourselves, each other and the world.

If one suffers we all suffer, if we hurt, we all hurt.

Equality , love, acceptance and kindness is the end of division, separation and prejudice.

We are all one.

There is only one race, one color of skin and this is of oneness.

Sarahs message is important for us at this time and her activations will help you tap into her energy to reveal the reason for her emergence at this time.

She brings a vision for her own style of new world order that the world aches for because although the world has been in difficult circumstances before, there has never been a time where the very freedom and individuality of the entire world population has been threatened.

Sarah wants us to know we have to act now before it's too late and the face of the universe is changed forever and not in a good way.

The masculine energy of the collective consciousness wants to take control and dominate, suppressing all things soft, healing and gentle, in other words, the divine feminine.

Sarah asks you to see the truth of this and as daughters she wants to help you to rise and use your energy and passion to create positive change.

You must lead the way to the awakening of a new world consciousness bringing balance and healing to generations of universal suffering and persecution of the divine feminine


To access her energy we use the amethyst crystal that represents her violet flame.

It is a powerful protection stone creating a bubble around the carrier, warding off psychic attacks and negative energy.


Physically, Amethyst boosts production of hormones and tunes the endocrine system and metabolism. It strengthens the cleansing and eliminating organs as well as the immune system, and is an excellent blood cleanser. Amethyst relieves physical, emotional and psychological pain or stress.


Crystals and sacred geometry have their own light language and the amethyst assists in activating Sarahs energy in you to prepare you to become her crystalline healer.


Sarah Sarah Sarah daughter of the Magdalene and Yeshua we call your name and invoke your violet flame.

Sar Mag Yua Mar

Product of the union of the divine masculine and the divine feminine you were created to show us the way to unity ,

to living a complete life of being at one with creation.

Guide us with your energy of oneness,

Fill us with your violet light that we may know your mysteries and within them the key of life's oneness will be ours.

We will find peace within & find our way back to you.

You are the energy and essence of the divine union,

a sacred flame that has been burning for millennia, waiting for humanity to claim it .

Now is that time, for those that are ready to ascend the current consciousness.

Sarah assists all daughters of the earth, for she has decreed that it is the daughters that will hold the power of transformation to heal generations of division and separation, it is the daughters who will bring balance back to the divine feminine and divine masculine, so they can unite in equality for the good of all.


Sarah implores you to develop her messages of unity and oneness for the world in your own unique way.

Her messages of love and kindness are for you to practise on yourself in every moment of your life and that will radiate to those around you, which in turn ripples out into the world to create change, a much needed elevation of consciousness,


Sarah asks you to devote yourself to love and kindness, watch your words and thoughts , if any should be unkind or unloving visualise sending them her violet flame, while chanting 3 times Sar Mag Yua Mar

Sar Mag Yua Mar is a divine blessing of love, faith, hope, trust and forgiveness directly from the energy of the divine sacred trinity of SARAH, The Magdalene and Yeshua and Mother Mary. It will cancel out any negative energy that has been created and replace it with loving kindness.


In your daily devotional practise visualise the world, the planet, the trees, forests, lakes, rivers, oceans, skies, earth, winged ones, 4 legged ones , all creatures and all peoples and send out the violet flame of Sarah to fill their essences with love and healing


As a chosen daughter you have been given a mission of love and kindness in everything you say, think and do and to take it with you out into the world for all.

Your mission will resurrect the essence of the divine trinity, the divine union of oneness and will save those who are ready to be saved, will heal those who are ready to be healed , your mission will be heard by those who are ready to feel this message of awakening, to be filled with the violet flame of trinity consciousness, allowing for complete balance and wholeness of the divine masculine and the divine feminine


We are the daughters, the starseeds of Sarahs energy – Sar Mag Yua Mar and as daughters we hold the promise of healing generations of trauma, past, present and future. We demand all generational traumas be released and healed, for we are the daughters of everyone who has come before us and everyone who is yet to come. as the chosen daughters we hold the crystal matrix violet flame within our DNA , this will heal us and we offer it to you, to heal your mother wounds and to heal the divine feminine within and without.


This is my word as a daughter.

Since receiving this message and after working with Sarahs energy, Yeshua, and the 2 Marys  have become an integral part of this healing process. It became clear we could not have one without the other, hence THE DIVINE TRINITY HEALING was born, although the message remains the same. 

Image by Grant Durr
crystal bowl.JPG

Crystals and sacred geometry have their own light language and assist in activating Sarahs energy.


Sarahs healing uses


The crystalline timeline to transform personal, generational and universal traumas to assist in the elevation of the collective consciousness.

Sarahs violet flame transmutes negative energies as well as activating her flame. 

Sarahs violet thread weaves a new DNA strand of multi dimensional consciousness into your matrix.

Sarahs crystal wand is activated to all of Sarahs healing tools and can be used to direct that energy.

Sarahs crystal net protects and sifts.

Powerful light language - SAR MAG YUA MAR and AS I SAY AND THINK IT, IT IS SO

Crystal singing bowl - weaves a crystal matrix sound vibration

Amethyst crystal - represents Sarah's violet flame energy

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