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Support for the Maiden Mother Crone


Redefining and reclaiming the role of the Doula as a Priestess of the Goddess and renaming her 


She is the magickal midwife who tends to the maiden, mother and crone.

She is nurturer, healer, guide, huardian, seer, wytch, sister, mother, grandmother.

She is all those things and more, serving those in need of assistance from their seat of ancient ancestral wisdom.


It's a silent promise we make to women  in need.

Answering a call for help.

No woman struggles alone.

No woman suffers abuse.

This is how we serve the Goddess.

Through a spiral of service , never ending , returning to the source.

Empowering women to reclaim their sovereign body, whether they are pregnant, birthing, ageing, no matter where they are on the spiral of life, their journey is a sacred rite.

Reminding women to trust their bodies, supporting them in their choices and ensuring they feel safe to do so.

Your body, your choice

Your body is a sacred temple to be worshipped and honoured.





The patriarchy hijacked childbirth and turned it into a medical procedure.

It's time for our matriarchal lineage to reclaim its power and return birthing to the realms of sacredness.


Personalised guided rituals to support you in all the sacred moments of your life, from conception, birth, postpartum, menopause, loss and grief and everything in between.


PDF ceremonies emailed to you for your personal use.



A rebozo is a long flat scarf that can be used during pregnancy as a relaxation tool and abdominal support, during labour to assist in pain management and pushing and then as a sling to carry baby.

Using the rebozo can help to relax tight ligaments and may also be used to move baby into an optimal position for birthing. 

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