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bEARTHing the Sacred WOMBan

The dawning of 2023 was the rebirthing of the sacred woman within me, remembering what inspired and gave me joy.

I took stock of what gave my life meaning and made my heart sing.

Apart from family and friends of course.

Chanting. Drumming. Women's circles. Meditation. And HERstory.

HERstory is our story before it became HIStory

You can read more about that on my website

So this year will be all about rebirthing, reconnection and remembering HERstory and bEARTHing the Sacred WOMBan through personal and group rituals, Circles and womb drum making.

The Sacred WOMBan has water in her blood, earth in her bones, fire in her womb and a passion in her heart for living her truth and her sacredness her way.

It may be confronting and challenging for some but it can also be healing and comforting when you embrace a new story of yourself.

It's time to pull back the veil and bEARTH her with me and learn to move to the beat of your own drum 🥁 🪘

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