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Supernova Lineage

This is the story of the Etolians of Sacred source, Sarah, the Magdalenes daughter, the Sacred healing warrior goddesses,  the sacred warrior women, and the Aswagii. 


Much gratitude to my guides and Akisha Arcturus who was responsible for activating the lives of Sarah and Aswagii inside me.  If you are called to any of these lives, I offer sessions to activate their Divine Essence inside your soul. 


This journey begins in June 2018, poolside in Bali. Well, actually it began long before that but to explain the weavings of this tale I have to share an overview. 


There had to be a reason that all these very different activations had come to me and I realised they were all past lives, except for the sacred healing warrior goddesses who are ancestral and the human part of me.  

It begins with the Etolians of sacred source (air element) who are from beyond this universe, who sent their priestesses to earth - The Aswagii (earth element), the sacred warrior women (daughters of the Aswagii) with their dragonkin (fire element), and the Atlanteans (water element). Each generation would bear a Mary, a Magdalene, until the chosen one showed up in Yeshua's timeline for Sarah to be born and she is the union and culmination, uniting all 4 elements to create eternal spirit.  This created the pentacle, the 5 pointed star, or my magickal family tree. 


This journey begins in June 2018, poolside in Bali. Well, actually it began long before that but to explain the weavings of this tale I have to share an overview. 


There had to be a reason that all these very different activations had come to me and I realised they were all past lives, except for the sacred healing warrior goddesses who are ancestral and the human part of me.  


It begins with the Etolians of sacred source (air element) who are from beyond this universe, who sent their priestesses to earth - The Aswagii (earth element), the sacred warrior women (daughters of the Aswagii) with their dragonkin (fire element), and  the Atlanteans (water element). Each generation would bear a Mary, a Magdalene, until the chosen one showed up in Yeshua's timeline for Sarah to be born and she is the union and culmination, uniting all 4 elements to create eternal spirit.  This created the pentacle, the 5 pointed star, or my magickal family tree. 

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The Etolians and Sacred Source Healing.

Chanelled by Me.


We are Etolians, an ancient race from beyond the universe, from before the beginning of time and we will be here beyond the end of time, our starships are shaped like pyramids, they are our homes and we travel through time to whoever needs us. Our goddesses are our gods and they walk amongst us.  We don’t have names, we are above and beyond names.  We communicate through our higher consciousness. 

There is no disease amongst our people and we live eternally, but we need the 5th dimension to survive so the more people you spread this message to, the more the collective consciousness will rise and expand and the more your people and the world will heal and the stronger we become, for it is our energy that provides the healing.  

The sacred source is a superior collective consciousness of souls made up of ascended masters, superior races, alien life forces, and intelligence from other dimensions and universes. It holds all the answers and all the remedies to every question and every affliction to mind, body, and soul. You just have to ask and allow to receive. It’s available to everyone to tap into.  

We have no form but will appear to you in whatever form is easy for you to accept. Your time has ruined words, so we encourage you to work with symbols, numbers, sound, and light language.  The more you do that the more the channels of communication between us will open. Not everyone will be able to connect with us because the collective is made up of so many. 

You may connect with all of us, some of us, or just one of us and it may change over time, many times. You will connect with whomever you need at the time.  We have sent you sacred source healing so you will be ready to hear from us.  We are grateful for that. We are infinity and eternity. We have many symbols that connect you to our energy and there is no wrong or right way to draw them.  It’s what you’re feeling at the time that will come through for you.  You can combine us into different combinations for different situations.  You don’t always need words, or symbols, just place your hands on, connect with us and we will do the work for you simply by chanting 3 times ETOLAH, ETOLAH, ETOLAH.  It’s like flicking a switch or plugging into us.  Visualising the symbols will give you more power.  Protect your source, not everyone will understand. 


Stop falling into the fear trap. Trust your body, it knows what you need, it knows what to do. Your soul knows. We know. Just listen and allow. Stop pushing yourself, the days you feel tired are the days we want you to stop and listen to us. Trust. Fear is the trap of your enemy, whomever that enemy is, government, people, attachments, etc, it’s whoever wants to keep you suppressed and living in 3d and old outdated mindsets. Don’t let them keep you down there, stuck in old belief patterns of fear and lack. 

Normal is wellness and feeling good and happy and living in abundance. That’s what we intended for you. That’s the new normal. If you don’t have that then you’re still allowing the old ways to control you. Surrender them to us and we will guide you and show you the new possibilities. Everything is possible, endless abundance, eternal life, wellness and such love as you’ve never known before.


Believe us. Believe it. Vibrate higher than those around you and you won’t be affected by their energy. Always endeavor to raise your consciousness and awareness. Let go into the 5D and beyond, float, free fall, fly, soar, rise up, awaken, be more, align. Keep loving. Keep trusting. Keep vibrating love. Keep shining your light, no matter how much others are threatened by you. Do not get lost in their fear and their illusion of separation.  Do not play their game.  


So the Etolians could see that the energy on earth was getting very dark. They didn’t believe that dark energy was evil but they could see it swallowing up the light so they sent their priestesses down to earth to use their light to heal and consume the dark. They sent their high priestesses, the Aswagii to hold the earth energy and they lived deep inside mother earth, then they sent the sacred warrior women on their dragons, to hold fire energy, and lastly the Atlanteans for water energy. 


The Aswagii are Ancient high priestesses from a time before time when they came to earth from the stars and lived deep inside mother earth to work with her energy and use her magick for the good of the universe. They are ageless, timeless, mystery and magick, readers of souls and weavers of sound and symbols. Their lives are lived in ritual from morning to night, even the smallest task is performed as a ritual, honoring every aspect of life. Their knowledge and wisdom are unparalleled, coming directly from the stars. They are the heartbeat of mother earth, using their drums for healing also. They move through the darkness with ease and can shapeshift. They have the strength to work with dark and light forces while remaining completely unaffected and aloof. 

They don’t use words for healing, but symbols, light language, drums and earth magick.  


From the stars we came to call earth home again. We were sent here to work with the benevolent dark. We are soul readers. We sing your soul song back to you. We are the heartbeat of mother earth and we are the deep connection to your sacred soul that you are searching for. I call my soul back home to me, I show her how life is meant to be. Live from your soul and set yourself free. Live from your soul be free, be free. We’re daughters of mother earth we hear her cry. We hear her sigh we heal her now. We heal her now. 



The daughters of the Aswagii were sent next, sacred warrior women, dragon riders to heal the air element.  Gigantic women with antlers and the bluest eyes you’ve ever seen, their faces are tattooed with magickal blue symbols and they wear cloaks of gossamer white light over the most magnificent white wings and they ride white dragons that breath purifying white light that transforms all that is out of balance. They have been forgotten in the mists of time, which was done on purpose by darker forces wanting to dim their light.  They were the healers, the seers, and the seekers, the wise women, the protectors of all things feminine and sacred, the keepers of justice and truth, freedom, choice, sovereignty, and knowledge, honored and respected by all who valued and sought their wisdom, knowledge, and protection. They held the balance of creation in their ritual ways, living in peace and harmony with all kinds. Along with their dragon kin, they healed by breathing out white purifying light that transformed anything that was out of the natural order and balance of mother Gaia. They could heal people, creatures and all that was wrong with the world just by projecting their light and breath outwards or singing their light language on the frequency of white light. They are daughters of change who rise and answer the call, warriors for a new timeline to guide you home to yourself, your tribe, your clan. They hold the promise of healing generations of trauma, past, present, and future by showing the way and demanding that all generational traumas be released and healed. They stand for all the daughters of everyone who has come before and everyone who is yet to come. They invoke the flame of their spirit dragons to help defeat all dark energies of fear, hate, lies, and separation and to lift the illusion that has been woven into society. Instead, they weave new strands of DNA into the consciousness of all beings, to heal all and hold the vision of a new world of love, unity, compassion, healing, hope, kindness, and abundance for all. 

We the daughters have healed our mother wounds so that all the daughters throughout the world will feel our message inside their soul and rise to the challenge of creating this new reality. We are the change we’ve been waiting for, together we rise as one, together we change the world, hear us roar, feel our flame, as we rise higher than before.


he Atlanteans were next, sent because of their ability to adapt and breathe in any environment and they were sent to live in the ocean, to heal the waters. They could manipulate water and were excellent scryers, able to see into past lives. Even though their race was destroyed, their energetic essence still remains today and can be activated inside anyone who resonates with the water element. As such their activation is a perfect medium to investigate your past lives. 


And finally, after millennia Sarah was born, daughter of Yeshua and The Magdalene, a soul who would heal and unite all separation. Within one vessel, a sacred child is born again. Sarah. Sar Mag Yua, the essence of the divine trinity the new savior of the world by resurrecting the energetic presence of Yeshua and the Magdalene to spread their messages of loving-kindness. As the daughter of the trinity, Sarah calls on all the Daughters Through Sarah, you will use her violet flame to mend generations of suffering and weave a new crystal matrix for a great awakening to occur. Sarah is the aquarian age conduit for integrating her ancient sacred soul wisdom within a 5d earth matrix crystal grid of new DNA information for personal and global transformation. 

She has come into awareness at this time to implore you to help her with this task to ground her 5D consciousness in order to end the separation and division that is tearing the very seams of humanity apart. Sarah is a Starseed of the divine union, the essence of the 3, the 3 in 1, mother, father, daughter, as one, a divine trinity to translate their messages of unity and oneness for the world. And you are called upon to assist with this awakening. As the sacred soul daughter of MM and Yeshua, she will lead the way to unity and oneness by uniting the divine feminine and divine masculine, thus completing the divine trinity to end division and separation. She will show you how to view the world in oneness, without gender, and with loving-kindness. This is how we heal ourselves, each other, and the world. If one suffers we all suffer, if we hurt someone, we all hurt.


Equality, love, acceptance, and kindness are the end of division, separation, and prejudice. We are all one. There is only one color of skin and this is of oneness. She brings messages for her own style of a new world awakening that the world aches for because although the world has been in difficult circumstances before, there has never been a time where the very freedom of the entire world population has been threatened. Sarah wants us to know we have to act now before it’s too late and the face of the universe is changed forever and not in a good way. 


The masculine energy of the collective consciousness wants to take control and dominate, suppressing all things soft, healing and gentle, the divine feminine. Sarah asks you to see the truth of this and as daughters, she wants to help you to rise and use your energy and passion to create positive change. You must lead the way to the awakening of a new world consciousness bringing balance and healing to generations of universal suffering and persecution of the divine feminine Now is that time, for those that are ready to ascend to 5d consciousness. 


Sarah's messages of love and kindness are for you to practice on yourself in every moment of your life and that will radiate to those around you, which in turn ripples out into the world to create change, a much-needed elevation of consciousness into a 5d wavelength. Sarah asks you to devote yourself to love and kindness, watch your words and thoughts if any should be unkind or unloving visualise sending them her violet flame while chanting 3 times Sar Mag Yua. Sar Mag Yua is a divine blessing of love, faith, hope, trust, and forgiveness directly from the energy of the divine sacred trinity of SARAH, the Magdalene, and Yeshua and will cancel out any negative energy that has been created and replace it with loving-kindness.


In your daily devotional practice visualise the world, the planet, the trees, forests, lakes, rivers, oceans, skies, earth, winged ones, 4 legged ones, all creatures, and all peoples and send out the violet flame of Sarah to fill their essences with love and healing. As a chosen daughter you have been given a mission of love and kindness in everything you say, think and do and to take it with you out into the world for all. Your mission will resurrect the divine trinity, the divine union of oneness and will save those who are ready to be saved, will heal those who are ready to be healed.  


Your mission will be heard by those who are ready to feel this message of awakening, to be filled with the violet flame of trinity consciousness, allowing for complete balance and wholeness of the divine masculine and the divine feminine It’s time to call on Sarah's violet flame to cleanse all generations of trauma and anything negative that is creating separation and division. Invoke the violet flame of Sarah and her crystal matrix to weave its way into the consciousness of all beings, creating a new strand of DNA that heals all and holds the vision of a new world of love, compassion, healing, hope, kindness, and abundance for all. 




Being Human

The sacred healing warrior goddesses. They have been with me constantly throughout my life, at times hiding in the shadows, until I was ready to embrace them.  They are instinctual and ancestral, part of my heritage, and they showed themselves to me fully at a time in my life when I needed them most, to heal my grief. 


"We are whom you needed as a young girl, as a young mother and now in your crone years, it’s not too late. You have always been a Sacred healing warrior goddess, you just didn’t have the words for it, you didn’t need the words, you just did, but now the world needs to know this too, there are many others searching, seeking, many others feeling lost, alone, empty and afraid and they need to know that we have been with you and them from the beginning and we’ll still be there at the end.  We will show you the treasures hidden deep within your soul memory for we are the sacred healing warrior goddesses. We are old as time, cloaked in mystery and power.  We are here to teach you our ways. A sacred healing warrior goddess is anyone who loves ritual Who chooses love over fear. Who chooses her freedom over tyranny Who chooses to heal and control her trauma and pain rather than have it control her Who dedicates herself to honoring and nurturing her sacredness Who commands and demands respect just by being her authentic self.  Who leads by example. Who fights for what she believes is right and for the rights of others, including mother earth and all sentient beings. She walks her own path of freedom, truth, peace, empowerment, harmony, healing, and love, living her truth, her sacred purpose, and is unapologetically her authentic self. Armed with her sword, shield, and bow and arrow she is a defender of truth, freedom, and her sacred path and self.  She defends freedom of choice to live life on your own terms She is a seer and healer who uses her words, hands, crystals, herbs, and oils as her healing tools. And with her familiars by her side to guide and guard her she is free to be her sacred self. She’s a rebel, a warrior, Goddess, healer, strong and brave   Her strength is her weakness and her weakness is her strength.  She is an instrument of sacred energy, of love and light.  She is dark and light and grey, maiden, mother and crone., without one she cannot be the other.  At one with dusk and dawn, death, birth and rebirth, the sun &  moon, the trees, earth, air, fire, And water, at one with all. She honors her ancestors, guides and guardians, and the traditional landowners, past, present, and future of this land we walk upon. She is a rebel, warrior, goddess, healer, woman, power, sacred self, and free to be the best version of herself."



All those stories are my stories, making up who I am, but the time has come to choose one, but instead, it chose me. It showed me that I don’t need to be the warrior anymore, the time for fighting against the flow has passed. Now is the time to go with the flow, to be, to allow the darkness to wash over me and work with it, instead of against it. The Aswagii have chosen me to work with the benevolent dark and to heal - their way – by activating your soul blueprint and filling the void with supernova light energy for your souls evolution.

Image by Erik Mclean

The lineage story continues with Aesha, the granddaughters of the Aswagii, representing the maiden energy of love and peace and the Inanis, the void, the dark night of the soul and the crone energy.

And Pater, representing the sun and the divine masculine.

Planet and Moon

The mother


Love & peace
The maiden


The void
The crone


Divine Masculine

These 4 beautiful sigils created by Akisha Arcturus contact her to design one for you

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