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The Spiral Pathway of the Aswagii Priestess

The Aswagii are ancient shamanic priestesses, ageless, timeless, mystery and magick.

Guardians, readers and weavers of your original soul and DNA blueprint and torchbearers of the spiral of life, death and rebirth.

They are the fringe dwellers and keepers of the secrets of the universe, the very blood of the mother and the skeleton of the earth where they drum to the bones of the ancestors.

Daughters of the moon and the stars up above, the soul of all women. 

They are Earth air fire and water and invoke their power to protect us their daughters.

They are north, south, east and west, from all corners of the known and unknown universe.

Their knowledge and wisdom is unparalleled in the healing arts, divination and earth magick.

Shapeshifters born of the stars from a time before time and sent to live deep inside mother earth until they were needed to rise up to create a new paradigm of collective soul evolution by working with benevolent dark forces and the serpent of shadows for transformation, empowerment & regeneration through healing shamanic rituals, cord cutting, soul retrieval, rebirthing & shadow work.

That time is now.

Read the back story of the Aswagii Priestess

A pathway of discovering a way to live in sacred communion with your divinity.














The Aswagii Priestess spiral pathway will take you on an empowering healing journey to activate the tools of an Aswagii Priestess for not only your own personal healing and empowerment as well as raising the vibration of all you encounter.

on our 11 month journey together we will activate -


Weekend 1

Aswagii activation ceremony

Aswagii activation chant

Sacred tool use and activation

Serpent Goddess Asheema meditative healing ritual

Weekend 2 – 

Connection to the elements and how to use them in your life

Connection to your power animal and how to use it in your life

Weekend 3 -

The spiral serpents of transformation

Torchbearer of the spiral of life, death and rebirth

Distant healing

Divination skills

Weekend 4 – 

Practice divination

DNA and Soul blueprint healing

Weekend 5 - 

Clearing entities and curses

Space clearing

Cord cutting

Weekend 6 - 

Ancestor healing ritual

Soul retrieval

Weekend 7  - 

Inner child healing

Shadow work



Weekend 8 - 

Aswagii priestess shamanic massage

Weekend 9 - 

Shamanic massage

Weekend 10 - 

Put it all together in one session

Weekend 11 - 

Put it all together in one session, Initiation ceremony and celebration

30 plus page manual


I will gift you a private Aswagii priestess healing or shamanic massage AND a set of divination tools in an Aswagii Priestess medicine bag AND a laminated spiral meditation tool and divination sheet. 

All this - 11 months of training and support, plus my gifts to you, valued at $200- 

For only $2442-

Pay as you go $222 each weekend = $2442-

Or pay up front $2222- to receive a $220- discount


Contact me if you're interested

0409 385 562

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