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Distorted authenticity

Is today's culture obsessed with distortion?

And why?

Distorted masculine, feminine, authenticity, spirituality, truth?

Or is it just perception?

Or deception?

When you have to attract people with bells and whistles and flashy sales gimmicks, where's the substance? Where's the truth?

Have we become so used to false flags, lies, distraction and deception from the world around us that it's become so ingrained in our culture that it's also rippled into spirituality?

Is it easier to be a distortion of authenticity, than it is to authentic?

Why are we a culture of wanting easy, instead of doing what it takes to be pure and true?

Is it all just illusion?

Like a magic show and whoever is the best at illusion is perceived to be the best at what they do.

I have a friend who just paid $700- for a distant healing !!!

What the what the?!?!?

And then recommended she buy his meditation package which would integrate her healing better.

Clever sales strategy or shyster?

Or both?

The questions keep coming but the answers ??????

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