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My upcoming workshop on betrayal

Betrayal comes in many forms from many different sources.

It could be betrayal of a spouse, workplace, boss, parent, child, friend, government, society etc through words or actions.

Unless healed our betrayals become deep wounds and traumas that influence how we are and how we treat people and once healed our relationships with ourselves, the world and other people can improve.

You may even have caused the betrayal yourself through your behaviour, or words or it may have come out of nowhere, whatever the cause, once we heal them, it will ripple out into the world to create more healing.

We can even betray ourselves.

But let me add, just because you heal the betrayal doesn’t mean you have to forgive or accept that person back into your life.

Some betrayals are unforgivable and some you can forgive but not want anything more to do with that person AND THAT’S OKAY, The end game of healing from betrayal is to put it behind you and MOVE ON.

So I'd love you to join me over 2 Sundays as we work through a workbook and journal.

Clock on the link for further info and to purchase your ticket

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